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Арбалеты в современных армиях и полиции.

Китай ( и ниже почти всё )

В марках арбалетов - полный профан , поэтому только ношение/применение.

статья Кирилла Карасика на - в армии они нафик не нужны

мнение противоположное - нужны


China Anti-terrorism Drill

Турция :

Serbian Minister of Defence Dragan Sutanovac (3R) tries a crossbow during a public exercise of the Serbian army's Special Forces in Nis, 200km south of capital Belgrade, on February 15, 2008. A celebration, the Day of the Serbian Armed Forces titled ?Sretenje 08?, was held at the barracks in Nis today. Kosovo began its long-awaited final countdown to statehood today, with Prime Minister Hashim Thaci poised to confirm next 17 February as the day it will declare independence from Serbia. It will do so with strong support from the major EU powers and the United States, and equally vigorous opposition from Serbia and Russia, which have vowed never to recognize it. AFP PHOTO / SASA DJORDJEVIC (Photo credit should read SASA DJORDJEVIC/AFP/Getty Images) ( Сербия , если короче ) :
Serbian Minister of Defence Dragan Sutan

Бразилия :

Греки :
Greece 161.jpg

Greece 162.jpg

Испанец :
Spain foto03.JPG

Перуанцы :

Индус :
India MARCOS- Marine Commandos

Хорват :
Croatia SF-samostrel.jpg

Не установил , кто :
NA Crossbow_8.jpg

Кадр из кинофильма Дикие гуси ( The Wild Geese ) , 1978 .
GAFS_120200_WildGeese2 1978.jpg

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