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Оружие Гражданской войны (США) , альбом-справочник (мультик , не серьезное исследование)


Guns of the Civil War
Written & Photographed By Dennis Adler
Zenith Press
Featuring guns photographed by Dennis Adler from the Mike Clark/Collector’s Firearms Collection;
the Dr. Joseph A. Murphy Collection; and the Dennis LeVett Collection,
with additional photography provided by the Rock Island Auction Company Archives
Dennis Adler , Author of "Guns of the American West"
Copyright © 2011 by Dennis Adler
ISBN 978-0-7603-3971-8 (hb w/ jkt)

On the Front Cover: An historic complement of Civil War era firearms.
At top, a Springfield Model 1861 rifled musket; below, a handcrafted copy of the Henry rifle presented to President Abraham Lincoln (the original is in the Smithsonian); an S&W 1st Model 3rd Issue .22 caliber revolver; the Remington New Model Army .44 caliber percussion revolver presented to General George Meade; a Starr .44 caliber percussion double action revolver; Colt Model 1849 Pocket Pistol; Colt Model 1860 Army; and two Remington-Elliot “Pepperbox” Deringer models in .22 and .32 caliber rimless, respectively.
(All guns are from the collection of Dr. John Wells, with the exception of the Meade Remington New Model Army, S&W No. 1, and Colt Model 1849. Photo by Dennis Adler)
"Guns of the Civil War celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Civil War (1861–1865) with an elegant and richly detailed history of Colt, Henry, Manhattan, Remington, Sharps, Spencer, and S&W Firearms, and guns by many other rivals and contemporaries. This essential overview of the legendary guns and armsmakers of the Civil War era includes exquisite photography of the handguns, rifles, and muskets, with numerous close-ups that capture the detail of each piece."
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Картинки - огонь , а смысла нету... ИМХО. Но , пусть будет. Тем более - подарок...

Вообщем-то я хочу трёхтомник Палокангаса вниз выдачи затоптать. В этом идея. Не знаю , что получится...

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