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Винтовка Mauser Model 1871 / Gewehr 71 / Infanterie-Gewehr 71 / I.G.Mod.71


википедия ( на английском )

почитать ( на английском )

Deutsch-Ostafrika, Askari

Присутствуют Gew.88 :

Артисты какие-то. Часть оружия - бутафорская :

На фото выше германцы вооружены кроме Gew 71 , ещё и Gew 88 , Мосин M91 ( у тех , что лежат ) , и одним Mle 1907 Berthier.

Присутствуют Gew.88 :

Присутствуют Gew.88 :

Тоже самое :

И тут :

Присутствуют Gew.88 :

Тут тоже :

И тут :

И ещё здесь :

Обновление от 03.05.2014 ( 91 фото ) :

Landwehr artillerymen in Russia 1916

Landsturm infantrymen from the XIV Armeekorps at Konstanz in 1915

Ersatzreservist recruits from Landwehr Infanterie Regt. Nr. 71, February 1915

Landsturm Infanterie Bataillon 'Skalmierschütz' (VII 21)

French POWs being loaded aboard a truck destined for a Kriegsgefangenenlager, Somme 1916

Nothing on reverse.<i>Gruppenbild</i> depicting NCOs and ORs* from Landsturm Infanterie Ersatz Bataillon &apos;Rastatt outside an elaborate doorway.Although undated, their uniforms indicate this picture has been taken around 1915. All men a

Ersatz Batl. Landsturm Infanterie Regt. 27

Landwehr on the move, Jüterbog

Nothing on reverse.A Landsturmmann sentry, armed with an obsolete 1871 Mauser and S71 bayonet.Like the fellow in the next photograph, he is wearing a heavy fleece overcoat over his black, single-breasted great-coat. Sentry duty was often involved

Letter on reverse (below) translated by uwing50 &amp; xiphophilos: authored at Rendsburg on  27.2.1915, Landsturmmann Steen writes to his mother in Preetz in Holstein. Admin stamp from II. Komp. Landst.-Inf.-Ers.-Batl. Neumünster. Postage cancelled at

Letter on reverse (below) authored in Cüstrin on 22.12.1916 and sent to the Familie Kaestner in Charlottenburg. Admin. stamped Pionier Ersatz Batl.Nr.  28. Postage cancelled at Cüstrin the same day.A squad of men from Pionier Ersatz Bataillon 28 insid

Letter on reverse (below) translated by GenBerlin / Gwyliecoyote: dated 9 June 1915 and addressed to a Herrn Binal of Heidelberg. Photogr. Jos. Knippschild, Heidelberg.A clear portrait of three Landsturmmänner from 1. Kompanie, Infanterie Landsturm Er

Is the hat badge some sort of variant Landsturm or is it a club? Why do they have rifles if it is a club?

The Prussian has a Landwehr cross on his Wappen.

Landwehr-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 71Aufgestellt in Erfurt (R.Stb., I., II.) und Gera (III.) Unterstellung: Festungsbesatzung Straßburg, 60. L.Brig. Kommandeur:Oberstleutnant HofmannI.: II.: III.:Major a. D. Corsep Major d. L. Virch Major a. D. Ulrich

That guy in the left rear cracks me up! It may be unidentified but he is having a good time. SOLD

Letter on reverse (below) transcribed by Josef Novak: authored in Hammerstein on 1.3.1915 by Gefreiter H. Henniger with postage cancelled in Hammerstein (Kr. Schlochau) the same day.Gefreiter (senior-private) Henniger and other men from 2. Landsturm I

Divided reverse. Letter generously translated by xiphophilos dated 13 May 1915 and authored in Schäftlarn. Photogr. Fr. Breidenbach, München. Postage cancelled a day later in Höllriegelskreuth.Photograph of a mystery Bavarian militia unit taken in Mün

The sign on the middle ground says in German &quot;War Year 1915, Lockstedter Lager, 2nd Ersatz Bataillon 86 Infantry Regiment. Füsilier-Regt. Königin (1.Schleswig-Holsteinisches) Nr.86 (Flensburg; III Bn Sonderburg) VIII Armee Korps. Obviously involv

Мануальчик ( отсутствует 12-я страница )  :

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