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Сделай сам : Пистолет-Пулемёт .

Комменты отключил. Ребята , не палитесь. Ну его нахуй.

A Do-It-Yourself : Submachine Gun
by Gérard Métral
ISBN 0-87364-840-4

PALADIN PRESS - известный рассадник нонконформистских книжек ... За что и ценю.

Описание к книжке :

You'll never have to worry about which submachine guns turn up on the banned-import list again. Now you can build your own simply by following the complete step-by-step plans and machinist's drawings contained in this book.

The gun you'll turn out will be a 9mm, blowback, selective-fire design with a 32-round magazine. It's just as powerful as an Uzi or HK MP5, but it's lighter and handier, it has fewer parts, it can be clandestinely manufactured even in large numbers, and, best of all, it has no paper trail!

The author, a reserve captain in the Swiss army who has spent years researching and designing "resistance" weapons, borrows the best design features from the CZ 25, Uzi, Suomi Ml931, and STEN, but he adds his own innovations to make this weapon more effective, reliable, and quick to assemble.

The increasingly restrictive and overregulated society in which we live calls for extraordinary measures. This homemade submachine gun fits the bill.

Note: The ownership of firearms is regulated by every government. All applicable laws and restrictions also apply to homebuilt models. This book is presented for academic study only.

Gerard Metral's companion book to Total Resistance: The Swiss Army Guide to Guerrilla Warfare. Doesn't merely describe how to assemble an improvised SMG and silencer, this manual describes how to make an entire underground industry for arming an insurgency without alerting the army occupying your country and how to smuggle the guns.

со скрибда

В посте начало книжки. Остальное - по ссылкам. Извините. Стрёмно.

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