sassik (sassik) wrote,

Забег с блинами от Пентхауса / Penthouse Pets Pancake Race - 1974

Описание видео :

With the drop of a handkerchief actor Graham Stark starts the Penthouse Pets Pancake Race and with a quick dash and a few tosses Janice Kane comes in first.
SV pan up girls with frying pans and pancakes with Graham Stark. CU girls holding frying pans containing pancakes pan along and up to Stark. CU Penthouse Pet tossing pancake about in frying pan, pan up to face. SV Penthouse girls tossing pancakes about in frying pan, Stark watching. CU Penthouse Pet. CU ditto another. SV girls lined up for start. CU Penthouse girl with frying pan and pancake pan up to face. SV Stark drops handkerchief for start. SV girls down street with frying pans and pancakes pan with them over finish. SV dustman past with barrow. CU pan up Janice Kane Penthouse girl with frying pan and pancake, SV dustman sweeping up pancake, Penthouse girl retrieves it. CU Penthouse girl winner of pancake race, Janice Kane.
Tags: 1970-е, usa, видео, жранина, погасшие звёзды, спорт, шикарные дамы

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