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01 Битва при Гастингсе , вооружение норманна

Почти все фотографии отсюда ( Soldier's inventories) . Между прочим , никогда не служивший в армии Томас Аткинсон , автор почти всех фотографий здесь , нанимал для этого проэкта о снаряжении британских солдат , профессионалов ( историков , военных и т.д. ) .

Что где лежит и как называется

02 Солдат Крестового похода, Осада Иерусалима, 1244 год. :

03 Вооружение лучника, битва при Азенкуре в 1415 . Один из приёмов , используемых во время битвы при Азенкуре - была посадка в землю  деревянных кольев (внизу справа ) для защиты от кавалерии / A kit for a fighting archer issued for the Battle of Agincourt in 1415. One tactic used during Agincourt was the planting of wooden stakes (bottom) to defend against cavalry :

04 Солдат армии клана Йорков, битва при Босворте, 1485 год / A 1485 battle kit given to a Yorkist man-at-arms during the Battle of Bosworth. Kit included long boots, a hat, a helmet that protected the face, a cloak and a gauntlet (right). The armour shows how large panels were used to stop the soldier being hurt from the sides or when facing away from their opponent :

05 Битва при Тилбери, 1588 год / / This 1588 kit includes a woollen jacket with a waistcoat over the top (top left), a petticoat that holds the trousers up (top left). Other items include a wool bag with playing cards and dice (centre left) and pouch :

06 Мушкетёр , Битва при Нейсби, 1645 год / A 1645 kit used in the Battle of Naseby. It included a sword (bottom right), latchet shoes (top left), a red coat issued by the New Model Army (top right) and a Matchlock Musket (bottom centre) :

07 Личная охрана Королевы Анны , битва при Мальплаке, 1709 год. :

08 Рядовой , битва при Ватерлоо 1815 год :

09 Рядовой , стрелковой бригады, Битва при Альме (Крымская война), 1854 год.

10 Рядовой, битва на Сомме, 1916 год / A 1916 kit given to British soldier during the Battle of the Somme shows the simplicity of some of the equipment. Along with a gas mask a private would be issued with a spiked ‘trench club’. Some of the more unusual items include puttees for binding trousers around lower legs (to the right of the boots), a tin of stewed apples (top right, second row), Oxo cubes next to the tin, a leather belt with leather pouches (centre) and a trench club (centre left) :

11 Младший капрал парашютной бригады, Битва за Арнем , 1944 год / A 1944 lance corporal kit from the Parachute Brigade during the Battle of Arnhem. The kit includes a parachute harness with parachute, camouflage and a battledress jacket. Other items include a a aluminium mess tin, mug, water bottle and ration kit including tin of corn beef, boiled sweets and a block of chocolate :

12 Британцы и Британское сообщество против малайских партизан 1948-1960  :

Malay Emergency . Between 1948 and 1960, the UK and Commonwealth allies fought a very hot guerrilla war against the Malayan National Liberation Army (MNLA), the military arm of the Malayan Communist Party (MCP). This effort is often called Britain’s Vietnam and, unlike the U.S., the Brits won this counterinsurgency campaign and left a template n how to do it the right way while they won hearts and minds
The weapons are a Lee Enfield Rifle No.5 Mk.I, Owen sub-machine gun and an M1 Carbine. Amongst the other equipment is a parang, first aid kit, pair of jungle boots, pair of hockey boots (for wearing at night), water bottle, mess tin and jungle ration pack (consists of cheese, jam, biscuits, ginger pudding, steak, liver and bacon, tea, sugar, milk, sweets, chewing gum, toilet paper, salt and one paludrine tablet)  :


14 Королевская морская пехота Великобритании, конфликт из-за Фолклендских островов, 1982 год :

15 Саперы Королевских инженерных войск, провинция Гильменд 2014 год / A kit issued this year to a Royal Engineer serving in Helmland Province. It includes a camera (centre left), Osprey body armour (top), warm weather hat, spare clothing and a shemagh - to soak up sweat (top right). Rations are included with 24 hours worth of food (centre). Other items include an iPad (bottom left) and cigarettes :

Источники :

A journey through British wars: Images reveal how a soldier's kit has changed from Hastings in 1066, the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 and Helmand today

Амуниция британских солдат с 1066 года до наших дней (14 фото)

Soldier"s Inventories

What they carried: Malay Emergency

Military kit through the ages: from the Battle of Hastings to Helmand - весь инвентарь , пронумерованный и с названиями

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