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Стреляющие чумаданы 1/3 : ENIGMA "AOW" Briefcase Gun

The Enigma “AOW” briefcase gun is now available — the ultimate executive protection/homeland security/self-defense device for today’s unpredictable world.

The discreet design features a fully functioning six-shot .22lr revolver incorporated in a handle designed around a professional briefcase. The roomy case provides plenty of space for your gear, with the added security of a special “extra”, six .22 shots.

This double action revolver allows you to fire as fast as you can pull the trigger. Because the firearm is carried like a regular briefcase, you are always holding the firearm at the proper offensive height.

Available to qualified individuals, security services and law enforcement agencies ... . Priced at $1695. - отсюда .

Коротко , на русском : чемоданчик имеет ручку со встроенным шестизарядным револьвером двойного действия. Калибр .22 LR .

PS : картинки отсюда


Tags: 2000-е, 2010-е, usa, оружейные курьёзы, оружие, очумелые ручки, полезные вещи, револьверы

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