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Освобождение Франции глазами военного фотографа . Начало

Collection Rodger Hamilton: The War Photos tank, on its way to Coutance, France.Pour PhotosNormandie : sous cet angle difficile de définir exactement le modèle M1 ou M2,en tout
01 Танк М5 Стюарт , Coutance, France.

Фотографии Роджера Гамильтона ( Rodger Hamilton ) , служившего фотографом в Army Pictorial Service во время Второй Мировой . Здесь - 1944-й , Нормандия , в основном. Подписи к фотографиям отсюда , на английском. Но это не проблема , же ? ( Если вы в переводчике гугля забанены , я переведу. Нема проблемо. Тока номер фотки скажите. И да , под конец плюнул , и сам стал подписывать. Ибо - чушь , в оригинале ) . А сами фото - с фликра . Там - фотки крошечные. Всего - 129 фото ( Начало+Окончание ).

[Роджер Гамильтон :]

02 German soldier holding small Nazi flag surrendering to three soldiers. Signal Corps logo. This has a staged feel to it; the German soldier is clearly holding the Nazi flag for the camera. Note the gun barrel at the bottom left of the frame. There is some sort of exchange of memorabilia going on, but what the G.I. is searching for is a mystery.

03 Airplanes, paratroopers over England (pre-invasion).

03А Англия. Перед высадкой во Франции. Продолжение 3-й фотографии.
Collection Rodger Hamilton: The War Photos paratrooper over England (pre-invasion).Un parachutiste en saut d'entrainement (pas de paquetage)

04 Beach with soldiers and explosion. One of the invasion points shortly after D-Day.

05 Soldiers entering/exiting tunnel buried deep inside rock mountain. Destroyed buildings surround entrance.

06 German soldiers surrendering to U.S. soldiers.

07 Two soldiers drinking with four citizens in St. Lo; rubble in background. U.S. Army Pictorial Services. The French, who went into their cellars as the German Wehrmacht left, remained there throughout the bombardment and shelling, came out to find the Americans in possession of the town.

08 Soldiers, tank. One Signal Corps soldier is working on pole with dangling wires. ( Тока это не танк , а САУ Прист (105mm Howitzer Motor Carriage M7 , Priest ) , походу...

09 Two soldiers using hand-held radar device ( в комментах ребята пишут , что это сигнальный фонарь , или посадочный огонь . Согласен ) next to trailer and P-38. The device is most likely an air traffic control light. In the background on the right is one of the first airstrips put in operation in France. The black & white stripes are a signal corps marking.

10 Four soldiers taking cover on road next to building. У солдата справа - БАР.

11 Soldiers fording a stream somewhere in France.

12 Six soldiers in life raft coming ashore. Their invasion craft was sunk by shell fire. A rubber boat brought them to shore in France.

13 Tank; four soldiers; one citizen, Side-view. ( Ну скока можно... НЕ ТАНК , а самоходка 3-in. Gun Motor Carriage M10 )

14 Army cars driving through village, packed with people. Water in background.

15 French village with storefronts, soldiers walking and driving by.

16 Three soldiers taking cover in front of damaged storefront.

17 Two soldiers next to howitzer, netting.

18 Two soldiers welding rivets on bridge.

19 Little girl putting flower on grave. The girl is French; the grave is American.

20 Line of Army vehicles driving through rubble from behind.

21 Two tanks coming down road, with soldiers in shrubs by side of road. ( Шерманы , если чо )

22 Two soldiers near tent, in woods. Foreground: bottle of wine, bread, book. The bottle has the look of champagne.

23 Six soldiers near camouflaged tank, jeep.

24 An ex-German locomotive, which took a direct hit.

25 Soldiers either on shore or on deck of ship. Water and Navy personnel in background. In foreground, howitzer, five trucks.  Landing craft tank, or LCT. Howitzer. Most likely Southern France or Italy.

26 Ruins.

27 Battle action on beach.

28 Churchill, Bradley (on phone) and unknown near tent. Almost certainly, this was taken after the breakthrough at Normandy.

29 Soldiers marching through French village.

30 3 flags (U.S., British, and unknown ( какой анноун ? флаг французского сопротивления , с лотарингским крестом , чо ) on pole next to stone wall. Look closer at the flags. These are hand-made, non-official Stars and Strips and a Union Jack. These were probably made by a French or Italian citizen ( ага , итальянцы ) welcoming the liberators.

31 Raising American Flag in French village.

32 During a celebration of the liberation of a French town, a French WWI vet appears with medals and armband that reads’ “Defense” at ceremony next to man in black coat and hat holding flag. The medals look Greek. It’s possible he earned them at the battle of Salonika.

33 Wide view of village, most of it destroyed. Soldiers in foreground.

34 Destroyed tank, with soldier approaching cautiously. ( Опять хрянь. Горит - SdKfz 251 , у зольдатика - М1 Гаранд с grenade launcher M7 , заряжена  grenade type M9A1 HEAT ).

35 Soldiers in church . Probably Cherbourg.

36 Woman slicing a piece of fruit with a knife and soldiers behind her eating fruit.

37 Two soldiers in back of horse-drawn wagon; rubble and statue in background. Most likely, a captured German supply wagon (used frequently in the Panzer division), with old logo painted over in favor of Army insignia. Probably France or Italy.

38 Medic and solider attending to a wounded German soldier, who is drinking from canteen.

39 Man putting flower next to headstone.

40 Soldiers walking down both sides of street.

41 Medic attending to wounded officer. German staff car. Note the bullet hole in the rear window. ( Машина - Peugeot 202 . Номерные знаки - вермахт.  Задохлик - офицер  Люфтваффе . И медик чота не то ему проверяет , имхо).

42 Refugees leaving town.
Collection Rodger Hamilton: The War Photos leaving town.Deux vieilles femmes et un jeune enfant parmi une unité US qui progresse à la sortie d'un village dans le bocage.Au moin

43 Soldier taking a well-earned nap on street in Marigny, France. Street signs: “Paille Graineterie Semences.” “Boulangerie.”
Collection Rodger Hamilton

44 Two soldiers surrendering; third soldier with gun next to tank. In the background: a PAK 50 or 75, as German anti-tank gun. One oddity : the G.I. is using a German Lugar as his weapon.
Collection Rodger Hamilton: The War Photos soldiers surrendering; third soldier with gun next to tank. A few other photos have some staginess to them, but this surrender shot does not.

46 Bodies being loaded onto plane. The stripes on the plane are D-Day specific.
Collection Rodger Hamilton: The War Photos being loaded onto plane. The stripes on the plane are D-Day specific.Par rapprochement avec la p013219

47 Деревня Saint Sauveur le Vicomte , грузовик -  Steyr 1500 A
Collection Rodger Hamilton: The War Photos 16 juin 1944 à proximité de Saint Sauveur le Vicomte près d'une maison en ruines passe un camion allemand Steyr 1500 A avec un drapeau blanc et

48 Руины Isigny sur Mer  (Кальвадос). Площадь Гамбетта, вход  в теннисный корт.
Collection Rodger Hamilton: The War Photos au milieu des ruines d'Isigny sur Mer (Calvados).  Deux d'entre eux sont en attelage, suivis par un second cheval et croisent une femme a

49 Там же , другой ракурс
Collection Rodger Hamilton: The War Photos sur Mer, Place Gambetta, aujourd'hui Place général de Gaulle, dans le fond à droite la rue Alfred Pophillat.C'est la p012173http://www.

50 Soldiers bathing. Cherbourg.
Collection Rodger Hamilton: The War Photos bathing. Cherbourg.Quatre soldats américains se lavent dans une mare.Trois sont déjà entièrement nus et le quatrième se déshabille.

51 Two German medics looking after a wounded soldier.
Collection Rodger Hamilton: The War Photos German medics looking after a wounded soldier.Deux soldats allemands dont un avec un brassard Croix Rouge, au sol un brancard avec un blessé

52 Soldiers on road.
Collection Rodger Hamilton

53 French citizens. Laval , Place de la Mairie.
Collection Rodger Hamilton: The War Photos scène se passe à Laval, Place de la Mairie, dont on voit les marches à droite.Le bâtiment en arrière-plan est actuellement le Centre Administ

54 French coastal guns. Cherbourg, France.

55  Refugees leaving town.
Collection Rodger Hamilton: The War Photos leaving town.Dans une rue dont les immeubles ont peu soufferts (seules les toitures sont abimées), une vieille femme et une double co

56 Two U.S. soldiers helping a wounded German from a ship.
Collection Rodger Hamilton: The War Photos U.S. soldiers helping a wounded German from a ship.Au pied d'une passerelle maritime deux GI' soutiennent un prisonnier allemand blessé so

57 Coutances (Manche), Boulevard Alsace-Lorraine, 29-е июля 1944. Пулемёт Браунинг М1917 на переднем плане.
Collection Rodger Hamilton: The War Photos Coutances (Manche), Boulevard Alsace-Lorraine, le 29 juillet 44.Il s'agit de la p011771

58 Saint Jacques à Montebourg (Manche)
Collection Rodger Hamilton: The War Photos GI's probablement de corvée de nettoyage se reposent, un assis dans une brouette l'autre sur un tabouret. En arrière-plan on remarque les rui

59  Isigny-sur-Mer (Calvados) , см. 48 и 49.
Collection Rodger Hamilton: The War Photos Isigny-sur-Mer (Calvados), des civils récupèrent dans les décombres leurs effets personnels. Maison sinistrée par les bombardements des 8 et 9 j

60 Isigny-sur-Mer (Calvados) , см. 48 , 49 , 59.
Collection Rodger Hamilton: The War Photos milieu des décombres encore fumants d'Isigny-sur-Mer, des civils croisent des véhicules américains Place Gambetta (aujourd'hui Place général de

61 Checking for snipers
Collection Rodger Hamilton: The War Photos for snipers.Devant un bâtiment en pierres intact dont la porte est ouverte, deux soldats américains l'arme à la main.

62 Carentan , площадь Республики
Collection Rodger Hamilton: The War Photos soldats américains, place de la République à Carentan.Une jeep venant de la place Vauban est arrêtée devant une devanture de HORLOGERIE B

63 Utah Beach,  8 июня 1944-го
Collection Rodger Hamilton: The War Photos de débarquement d'Utah Beach, le 8 juin 1944. L'établissement de la tête de pont américaine s'effectue petit à petit. Le matériel et les véh

64 Carentan , 14-е июня 1944-го.
Collection Rodger Hamilton: The War Photos 14 juin.Un nuage de fumée s'élève dans le ciel provenant d'immeubles incendiés par des bombardements à Carentan. A gauche, maison avec la cha

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