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Армия США в изобразительном искусстве

What Is Behind the Pink Door ? ( Что за розовой дверью ?) Fallujah, Iraq By SFC Darrold Peters, 2006

*из старого жж

Fire Mission ( Артналет )Okinawa, World War II By Gerald W. Ferguson

Secure LZ ( ??? ) Musayi, Afghanistan By SFC Darrold Peters, 2006

A Walk in the Dark
A Walk in the Dark ( Прогулка в темноте ) Iraq By SFC Darrold Peters, 2006

112th CAVALRY PATROL AT UMTINGALU ( Патруль 112 кавполка )by Vidar Frede, New Britain, 1943

Bloody Ford ( Кровавый ручей ), July 1st Cuba, Spanish-American War. By Charles Johnson Post.

BREAKFAST IN THE SNOW ( Завтрак на снегу )Battle of the Bulge by Robert N. Blair

COMBAT IN THE CENTRAL HIGHLANDS ( Бой в горах ) Vietnam by Bruce J. Anderson

Embarking for Cuba ( Подготовка к высадке на Кубу ) Florida, 1898. By Charles Johnson Post.

Still Life ( Тихая жизнь ) Guadalcanal By Aaron Bohrod, 1943

Street Scene ( Уличная сценка )Vietnam By Kenneth J. Scowcroft, 1967

The Gatling Guns Cuba ( Гатлинги на Кубе ), 1898. By Charles Johnson Post.

UNLOADING BARRACKS BAGS ( Разгрузка ) by Aaron Bohrod, Rendova Island, 1943

Viet Cong Suspects ( Подозреваемые Вьетконговцы ) Vietnam By Ronald A. Wilson, 1968

"Grenade" by Joseph W. McDermott, 1942

"The Pause That Refreshes .Vietnam" .By Dennis O. McGee, 1967

"After the Battle.Tan Hep, Vietnam". By Michael R. Crook, 1967.

"Alert. Korea".  By David Grinstein, 1970

"Casualties.Normandy, France, World War II" .By Ogden Pleissner, 1944.

"Combat Team.Camp White, Oregon". By Manuel Tolegian, 1944

"Corporal Hiroshi N. Miyamura.Korean War". By George Akimoto, 1977

"Cuidado -Take Care- Bushmaster with Bolo! " . By Hugh Charles McBarron. 1944

"Interrogation.Aleutians". By Edward R. Laning, 1943.

"Radio Man .Italy, World War II" . By Ludwig Mactarian, 1945

"Salvage Roses.Italy". By Edward Reep.1945

"WAC Air Controller.World War II". By Dan V. Smith, 1943

"Walking Casualty.Rendova". By Howard Norton Clark, 1943.

"Medics moving in near Bastogne". By Olin Dows. 1944

"Outskirts of Neffe". By Olin Dows. 1944

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