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Винтовки Model 1888 Kommissionsgewehr / Gewehr 88 / Gew.88 / G.88 , фотографии и видео

Здесь 161 фото и 5 видео. Ещё 1110 фото девайса ( включая и эти , 161 ) лежат у меня здесь .

Итак , германцы :


ещё , на немецком

википедия , на немецком

википедия , на английском

Landsturm Schutzengraben

Дамы ))) :

"Для русских нет входа" :

Cramped conditions deep underground in a 'Hangstellung'

IV Armeekorps Landsturmmanner pose with a few token Russian prisoners of war near Halbe, Febraury 1915

Company cooks from Landsturm Infantry Battalion 'Gera' and a week's worth of Rindfleisch


Дедовщина образца 1914-го :

Kriegsgefangene Franzosen im Sennelager 1914

Хехе , пёсики ещё будут :
Landsturmmann from the 36th Infanterie Brigade soldier and friend

7. Abteilung, 3. Kompanie, Landwehr-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 36, 5th Landwehr Division.

Kameraden 1891 - 94 - 1915, Mulhausen

Felt erstaz pickelhaube

Prussian soldiers (and canine) of Landwehr Infantry Regiment 8

Ай , баимся , баимся ((( :
In tausend Angsten!

3 of 3. Russland Festung Stellung bei Kapize Sud

Landsturm NCO in a barracks 'studio'

Landsturmmann - Offizier-Gefangenenlager Hann. Munden

A pair of Landsturmmanner from the 2. Bavarian Infanterie Brigade (Repaired photo)

Landsturm infantrymen in action

Bavarian infanteriest from Landsturm Infanterie Ersatz Bataillon 'Passau' (I. B. 17), circa June 1917

Pioniers circa 1914

Destined to be Christmas dinner 1915

Bavarian Landsturm Pioniere with rare Model 1865-71 Pionierfaschinenmesser bayonets

Landsturm Wachstube

Landsturmmann Anton Kolle from the 57th Infantry Brigade 1914

A platoon of infantrymen from an unidentified Saxon Landsturm battalion, circa early 1915

Landsturm infantrymen equipped with rucksacks

Five men from the 75th Landwehr Infanterie Regiment

Zum Lause-Heim 1917

Russische Nationaltracht (Russian national costume)

Bayer. Landsturmmanner from the 4th Infanterie Brigade, Gunzburg 1914

Originalaufnahme vom Kriegsschauplatz, Das schulhaus als Notquartier

Landsturm infantry coax a civilian out of her house for a photo opportunity

Studio portrait of four Bavarian infantrymen from the 11th Bavarian Infanterie Brigade, September 1914

Sachsen Landsturmmanner from the 47th Infanterie Brigade relaxing on the grass

Bavarian Landwehr infantryman

Two ranks of men from Landsturm Infanterie Ersatz Bataillon 'Elsenborn' (VIII 39)

Five Landsturmmanner from the 52nd Infanterie Brigade

Letter on reverse (below) dated 19.5.1915 - sorry, can't make out the location.Three members of the 64th (Sachsen) Infanterie Brigade enjoying a game of 'skat' while their comrades watch and enjoy a sunny day in the rear echelon.A

Nothing on reverse.Outdoors portrait of a Landwehr infantryman from an unidentified regiment. He is wearing a crown of leaves and flowers on his helmet, symbolizing his imminent departure for the front.The rest of his kit is A-typical and he i

Nothing on reverse.Detailed Gruppenfoto depicting Prussian Landsturmmanner and others, from an unidentified battalion, gathered outside a stately billet. As usual, we see an array of helmets, some leather, felt or of steel construct

Letter on reverse (below)  addressed to a Fraulein Frieda AdlerNurnberg with postage cancelled in Oelsnitz (Vogtland) on 31.1.1915. This card was undoubtedly one of a number sent back home by the fellow in the picture, to be

Nothing on reverse.A crisp gruppenbild of men from the 80th Infanterie Brigade equipped with M1889 ammunition pouches supported by their bread-bag straps. They are armed with Gew 88s and S71 bayonets.

Nothing on reverse.  NCOs of Landsturm Infanterie Regiment 11 formed up and ready for inspection. L.I.R. Nr. 11 comprised of Landsturm Infanterie Bataillons (XI - 22) and (XI - 23), although there appears to be an interloper from (XI - 27 Ers. Bn. 'Ohrd

Letter on reverse (below)

Nothing on reverse.Five Bavarian infantrymen - Landwehr or Landsturm, in full marching order.All five are wearing M1892 Überzug (covers) over their helmets devoid of any regimental number, dating this photograph sometime after October 1916.Two

Nothing on reverse.Well protected from the elements being thrown at them on the Eastern Front, these fellows are from an unidentified Landwehr regiment or Landsturm battalion.The fellow second from the right is wearing overshoes


Res. Inf. Regt. 226

Letter on reverse (below) dated 23.10.1914. Photogr. O. Houtart-Laurey's, Digue de Mer, Blankenberge-Heyst. Nice.A posed studio portrait of a Landwehrmann wearing a Kratzchen (pork-pie cap), M1893 (or thereabouts) Litewka - fatigue

Letter on reverse (below) authored by one of the French prisoners depicted above. Stamped with Postprufungsstelle Landshut (censored in Landshut ).These fellows most likely form part of a Kriegsgefangenen-Arbeiter-Bataillon, or pri

Landwehr on the move, Juterbog

Letter on reverse (below) authored on 12.12.1914 in Metz, the letter was sent to Familie Lehrer (teacher) Klein in Insmingen bei Bensdorf . Postmark-s Brief-Stempel Kgl. Sachs. Fussartillerie Ersatz Bataillon Regiment Nr.12 (3. B

Letter on reverse (below) addressed to Leutnant der Reserve Georg Ficken Aktiv Inf. Regt. No. 185, 9. Komp. III. Batl. 185 Inf. Division im Felde. Postage cancelled at Bietingen (Amt Konstanz) on 10.7.16.Merry men from Lands

Letter on reverse (below) addressed to Familie Kneip, Kaiserstr. Bonn . Rhein, with postage cancelled on 20.9.1915 at Malmedy (Belgium). Photogr. Alexander Herld, Elsenborn.Initially I was suspicious that the 160 on these fellow

Feldwache 5, October 1914, 76 Landsturm Infanterie Bde.

Letter on reverse (below) dated 29.11.1914 and addressed to Mr Gustav Muller of Cassel. Admin stamp from III Landsturm Infanterie Bataillon Schwerin.The pay-master of Landsturm Infanterie Bataillon Schwerin (3 IX) with the chest in which he keeps the


Note on reverse 'Weihnachten 1914 in Belgien. St. Ruppert.'Soldiers from the 5th Kompagnie, Landsturm Infanterie Bataillon 'Wiesbaden' (later Landsturm Infanterie Regiment 37) pose for a festive photograph to send home to their frie

b. Landwehr-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 1(Vier Bataillone) R Aufgstellt in Munchen (R.Stb., I., II., III., IV.) Unterstellung 1. b. gem. L.Brig. Kommandeur Oberstleutnant Edenhofer (1. b. I.R.) (1. b. I.R.) (Leib.-R.) (Platzmajor Munchen)

Unidentified Landsturm

This guy's beard is in the way. Extremely nice stylish pants and a lovely little photographers prop.

That guy in the left rear cracks me up. It may be unidentified but he is having a good time. SOLD

Letter on reverse (below) authored in late 1914 and addressed to a Frau Schumaker in Holzmaden in Wurttemberg . Photogr. W. Mayer, Esslingen.Infantrymen from the 54th Infanterie Brigade march through the streets of Esslingen shortly after the commence

Prussian Landwehr. Not exactly sure when. If you look at the street name for the photographer I am sure it changed later on. I am not even sure which town of this name this is from.

Letter on reverse (below) dated 12.9.1914 and addressed to a resident of Gorlitz. Postmark from Rekrutendepot Ersatz Bataillon Landwehr Infanterie Regiment Nr. 47.A nice, clear outdoors portrait depicting recruits from the replacement battalion of Lan

4. Ldst.-I.-Ers.-Btl. Saarbrucken (XXI. 4)Something does not add up here. It seems as though these guys are from Neunkirchen.... somewhat near Saarbrucken but no cigar. Also this is 1918. Look how young they are. Perhaps the youngest picture I have se

Unused.Russian prisoners-of-war, possibly taken during the Battle of Tannenberg in the first weeks of the war when German forces decimated the Russian second army and badly mauled the first.The Australian Captain, William Cull, badly wounded and i

Brief letter on reverse (below) 'Letzter Appell am Montag Morgen, Austeilen der Soldbucher und Erkennungsmarken' - Last Mondays roll-call to distribute 'Soldbucher' and identity-disc

Letter on reverse (below) dated 11.11.1915 and addressed to a Herr Hermann Rudiger in Goschitz near Schleiz. Postmarked with a stamp from III Batl. Landwehr-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 82 with postage cancelled 12.11.1915.A platoon sized group of men from

Unused.Landstummanner from an unidentified formation undoubtedly somewhere in France or Belgium towards the end of 1914. Interestingly, several of the men are not wearing their 'Landes Kokarde' on their caps.

Letter on reverse (below) authored in Uphusen on 9.10.1914 and addressed to Herr Dietrich Kehlenbeck in Dreye. Postage cancelled at Mahndorf on 9.10.1914.A Landsturm infantryman from the 33rd Infanterie Brigade in

Divided reverse. Note on reverse 'Willy Einert, Februar 1915'.One of a series of outdoor portraits of men from Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 109 taken at their Karlsruhe barracks sometime around 1915-16.

Gunga Din

Австрийцы с М.13 :

Штык - переделанный от Werndl M1867 :

Nothing on reverse.Studio portrait of an Austro-Hungarian infantryman, well equipped for mountain warfare.This fellow is wearing a M1908 high-crowned field-cap with title band, heavy overcoat, standard leather M95 ammunition pouches and rucksack.

Француз :

И - сюрприз : солдаты Российской Императорской армии с девайсом :

А это просто так :

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